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“The best fantasy is written in the language of dreams. It is alive as dreams are alive, more real than real ... for a moment at least ... that long magic moment before we wake.

Fantasy is silver and scarlet, indigo and azure, obsidian veined with gold and lapis lazuli. Reality is plywood and plastic, done up in mud brown and olive drab. Fantasy tastes of habaneros and honey, cinnamon and cloves, rare red meat and wines as sweet as summer. Reality is beans and tofu, and ashes at the end. Reality is the strip malls of Burbank, the smokestacks of Cleveland, a parking garage in Newark. Fantasy is the towers of Minas Tirith, the ancient stones of Gormenghast, the halls of Camelot. Fantasy flies on the wings of Icarus, reality on Southwest Airlines. (...)

They can keep their heaven. When I die, I'd sooner go to middle Earth.” 
― George R.R. Martin


My Star Rating:

1 Star - At the end of the day: BOO. Super Boo. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

2 Stars - Okay, while this book wouldn't be ideal to try to save should the apocalypse come to fruition, it had a few redeeming qualities.

3 Stars - It was alright. Something about it was worth me saying "Eh. I guess I'm not too pissed that I read that."

4 Stars - I liked it. Okay, I like, liked it. The story had symmetry, the characters were well thought out and none of the situations seemed too contrived. While this was pretty good it lacked that certain Joie de vivre that would have made it Figata! (I like to be quite cheeky at times)

5 Stars - I LOVED this read. If I were the kind of person that re-read fantastic works of art in prose this would be re-read until the glue came away from the spine.

The Raven Boys  - Maggie Stiefvater 5 awed stars

Let me begin with I fucking love you Stiefvater

This story is so well written. I found myself in love again and I love being in love. It's not just a love of the characters, it's a love of the story. When I can read something and never once while during that read have the desire to roll my eyes at some inconsistency or some insta-love or some stupid love triangle with some fickle tramp trying to take what she can get, I gotta rise up and high five a bitch. Real talk. Ha!


Now to get into the the book:

The Raven Boys is dark, man. A couple of times during the evenings while reading this I had to look over my shoulder. I don't know that it's intentions are to make the reader piss his/her pants but... at times, it's pretty effing creepy.

The whole quest for the ley lines is fun. At least it was to me. Finding that magic is real is fun. Again, at least it was to me. And man, the journey getting there? Well, it's a great ride.

I like a book with endearing friendships. Though I felt that Gansey was always judged for his money by Adam and Blue and it was unfair. He really is a great guy and a great friend. I'm just glad that these characters talk things out. They don't leave a lot up to assumption so I didn't have to read a lot about how something was taken the wrong way and thus the friendship ended.. blah, blah, blah. Full circle in the end.

All the characters are very well written. I feel as though I know enough about them to predict their responses but I also feel like Maggie left alot of mystery and it excites me. I like constant characters. I like to read their responses to any situation and think "Yeah, that is how Ronan would react". That kind of comfort makes me feel warm and safe and lovey.

I like how the love wasn't established. We know that Blue is to fall for Gansey but in order to preserve the strength of the story they weren't mashed together in a "Alright let's get this over with" kind of fashion. We have to wait to see how those two get together and that lights something within my soul.

All in all: I don't really know how to write this review, honestly. Maggie Stiefvater had me with The Wolves of Mercy Falls and she has me again with The Raven Boys. I shall follow you to the ends of the earth.
Sinner - Maggie Stiefvater So when I read that this was happening I almost flung my sleeping child from my lap....


Restoring Harmony - Joelle Anthony 4 stars

Just as everyone said, It's a really sweet book.

I reallyended up liking this book! I am surprised to find myself saying this because in the beginning I was feeling bored. REALLY bored. Though I feel like it was because it was lacking something mythical i.e. vamps, weres, witches...etc. If, I am being honest.

I don't even care that there was a five year age difference between the MC and her beau...whateves, they were cute.

All in all: It was just cute. And I love a happy ending.
Outpost - Ann Aguirre 3.5 stars

I know. It's 1 whole star less than the first book. Heres why:

While I feel that I got that love I was looking for in droves, I felt like this book could've been shorter had there not been so much repition. Ladies and Gents you know how much I hate the same thoughts repeated over and over again...ugh. I get it. And even though it seems to be a contant blip in YA I have decided dock points. It interferes with my reading. I almost feel a deja vú effect and it makes me re-read the paragraph just to make sure I actually turned the page. Ugh. No thanks.

Secondly, I was down with Deuce and her lovey feelings for Fade. That shit just fit. But when she started to get all "Maybe I'm not good enough for either of them" I wanted to donkey punch that Bella Swan in her damn face! There is no "either!" there is ONLY FADE dammit! I HATED that she was making that whole thing into some mental love triangle. The way read it she told Old Boy to step off and he did and she was happy and sparky with her man....and then she was all Luce...and god knows how much I those Beezies.

Also, and I know books can't go around farting glitter, I just dislike when the love interst gets super moody and begs to be let go. I just really hate it. Because then I have to read all about Fickle Over Here's' kind-of-but-not-real devotion to Moody while also sizing up the other guy... and then I have to root for the poor girl to do everything up to and including breaking her neck trying to get him to see her love as enough to heal his soul and some shit. Gtfoh, just be normal. I love normal.

Whateves. Eyerolls were in abundance.

Oooo and I'm sure more than a few of the readers who disliked the first book for it's rapeyness was really upset with the way Deuce handled the whippings huh? How she got all "none of this was your fault," and all "you didn't deserve this no matter what you said or how you said it". But with Tegan and her forced gang rapings she was just like "you should've fought til you died bitch". Ha. Smh. I could just see the unjusticed faces of outragedreaders EVERYWHERE. lol.

All in all: I still like the story. She kind of got a little Katniss-y with the whole obliviousness and that was annoying but I was more than "not mad that I read it", I think.

P.S.: I'm apprehensive about the next installment because you know just as well as I do, the whole squad aint making it back. I feel a J.K. Rowling coming on.
Enclave - Ann Aguirre 4.5 stars, easy

Long Live Deuce

She was pretty bad ass and I likes me a bad ass protagonist.

Deuce: Was strong but compassionate. I didn't find her weak in the beginning though something in my mind wanted to roll it's eyes at her blind following of the rules. If I thought about it though, what else did she have? It was ingrained in her that "the rules are in place for the well being of the enclave" and taking that in consideration I believe that I would've followed them too, had an ENTIRE communities' prosperity depended on it. I liked that she saw in herself the qualities of the "weaker class" but didn't try to hate them out of herself like I may have read in so many other YA books promoting a false bad ass MC. I liked that she saw the qualities and felt like they made her a better person for having them. She was just a really written and well rounded character.

Fade: Man, I love this kid. Couldn't dislike him for any choices he made either. I feel like his background explained a lot of his actions. In his search to find his place among the world he tried his best to know who he was but remain consistent. He was always a compassionate person. He was never hard as stone. He didn't need the love of a good woman to soften him to a non-feral state and I liked that. Because it meant the characters, while they needed each other in the way that survivors need to see other survivors surviving they didn't need each other in the way that if one of the group parted it made or broke anyone else. I guess the short is it wasn't a love so common in other YA: If I don't have you I'll die/ cease to be the individual that was written as strong so many pages previous . Because that's disgusting. Can we all agree? I'm Sure we can. Thank you Ms. Aguirre.

Stalker: It was nice to see this bad guy say "Yup, I can forget the past and start anew" and actually freaking mean it! No Ulterior motives. When he was with them. he was with them and it was freaking refreshing. I liked this character.

I liked all the characters.

But still Enclave is missing that half a star because I didn't LOVE this book. Not how I loved [b:Under the Never Sky|11594257|Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)|Veronica Rossi|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1356591725s/11594257.jpg|15093785] by Veronica Rossi. I Don't know. For there to be so many similarities. I think that for me Deuce had to had pick up what Fade was putting down and give in a little to his love for me to have gotten the warm and fuzzies. Enclave was a rough book. It dressed in leathers or scraps of worn clothing and fought with this frenzied, raw fighting skill with daggers that shone slick with blood. It let the weak die and only the strong survive. There wasn't much room for love and the small spots of happiness, it just was. But I need the small spots of happiness. Of curling against one another somewhere out on the road of knowing that the man that has your back does so because he loves you and I'm not talking like a friend, Son. I NEEDED that!

Maybe the next installment will give me a taste.

Here's hoping!

All in all: A solid read. I'm glad I read it. I definitely liked. liked it.

P.S.: I read why this book got bad reviews... becuase there is rape. Okay, I get it, it's a rough subject to broach BUT, but this author is trying to build a world that has changed. This is HER book and she doesn't have to make a footnote where she explains that rape is bad and it's never anybody's fault that it happened, so on and so forth. Honestly, If she did the exact same people would be screaming that it was too easy! How dare this author introduce rape and then have everything go exactly as it should for the vic. Let's say she grows stronger and exacts her revenge on her assailaint. Then they'd harp about how the book tried too hard to stay feel good and equal and how it wasn't gritty or real enough because we all know, you can't always win. So, I swear, authors never win. Everyone should be a writer and write perfection...
Endurance - Ann Aguirre Loved it!

Those are the warm and fuzzies Enclave was missing!

Love that they got away! Aaahhhh! yes!
Fox Forever - Mary E. Pearson 3.5 stars

I have to say that this read, at the end, was pretty good. The middle pieces though were riddled with repitition.

I know you were around for 260 years.
I know you think you love Jenna and you can rememeber all of these poems.
I know that you'll never forget Kara, that there's a bond there that can never be broken.
I know that Raine hides things and protects herself with guarded facial expressions and likes to sit on the roof and let her legs dangle and needs to know the truth and...and...and..


I read the other books!

There are some Goodreaders that wax and wane about this authors writing style and how it resonated within them. Yeah, I don't get that. I really hate repition. Just assume that when writing a sequel or a threequel that your fan base has read ALL previous books and then take that little nugget of hope and plow right into the next installment. Don't use four chapters rehashing the first two books...it's annoying. Stop it.

Honestly though, all that aside, this book had some action it it! I like that Pearson gave some Bots "extras". Hopes and Dreams and such, but that only some Bots had it not all. It gave the story character. Pearson, I think, also spent a substanstial amount of time world and character building so that in itself was well done.

All in All: give it a read. It's a good wrap up to an okay series.
The Fox Inheritance - Mary E. Pearson Hmmm... I'm actually going to go with 2.5 stars.

I foubd this read horribly repetitive. It was Anger. anger. anger. Then guilt. guilt. guilt. More Anger. BETRAYAL! self-pity. self-pity. EMPOWERMENT!

Shit was bananas. And then kinda boring.

What I really did not like was how everyone went around pretending to be the same friends they once were but had ZERO trust for eachother. Why write the book about these stellar friends that hate and blame eachother?

It all wore the nerve ending down to nubbins.

Read at your own risk.

P.S. Crazy chracters with empty eyes truly creep my shit out. Truly.

P.S.S. How am I to prounce Locke? Is is as it looks Lock? or some new fangled way to spell Luke? Any guidance would be accepted!
The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson review to come
Perry's Killer Playlist - Joe Schreiber 4 stars

review to come

Monster Hunter Legion (MHI, #4)

Monster Hunter Legion (MHI, #4) - Larry Correia 5 Golden freaking stars

I cannot impress just how much I love these books! My little love affair began with Monster Hunter International and I'm happy to write that it is not over yet! Wooot!

I was sad thinking that this was going to be the last MHI and as I got closer to the end of this read I got excited because there is no way its over.

I just love the writing style. I loved the badassedness of Z and I don't care if he "always wins" that'swhat I love about him. I love his smart ass attitude and how he figures shit out. I love that he makes the tough calls. I love everything about these books.

I also love not losing characters that I care about but still ending the evil scrouge that has made its appearance. With exception of a certain someone that was lost lasr book.

All in all: A solid read even for someone that likes YA paranormal (mostly garbage) books. This is a good series to break up the pissing amd moaning that goes on in those. Seriously. I think every one should give these a read.
Breathe (Breathe #1) - Sarah Crossan 4 Solid Stars

I liked Breath from the jump. There was something about this one that caught my attention right away. I almost feel like it didn't waste any time trying too hard to be more than what it was. The trees are gone and people have to live in The Dome and pay for artificial air. Boom. That's the story. It didn't get techno, science-y or some shit. It was simple. It was shorter than some similar material and there was a few laugh out loud moments. Which I adored. And laughed out loud.

The Cast and Crew
Bea~ Now for some reason I thought that I wouldn't like this little philly. I think it was the whole being in love with her best friend and secretly despising Alina because he liked this girl but not her. But it actually worked out quite well. She went along to help her and she didn't hate Alina as much as she was jealous of her. She put on her big girl panties and was actually a character that I ended up really liking.

Quinn~ Love this naive kid. Or should I say oblivious? Whatever it was he was really cute. He remembered what mattered when it mattered.

Alina~ Another one that I thought would get on my nerves but miraculously was someone that I liked in the end. She was just tough enough. Not too tough. Not pretend tough and was really a weepy baby. But tough enough.

Silas~ I can say this for sure. I didn't see that coming. If you kno what I mean. I guess it sets him apart from most YA MC's I've read for sure. He seems decent and solid.

All in all: A good read. I would have loved to have read this in one sitting but responsibilty calls and thus no dice. I adored the characters. I'm glad my dystopian dome kick has lead me here.


Fuse - Julianna Baggott 5 Golden Stars

Yeah. Hell yeah. I liked that book.

Those shining, glowing, beauts is for that spectacular ending. Just the last few sentences really. Took the show and my endearment for this series.

I enjoyed Pure. But I feel like the whole concept was still too new to me. Ya know what I mean? It was written quite well and the world building? Get outta here. Exceptional. It was the concept of people being fused to things and eachother that was ... just so new. You really have to understand.

Once I got passed that and was really able to wrap my mind around it and these characters...How could I not fall ass over elbows in love? Simple answer? I couldn't and so here I lie so utterly giddy at finding such a good read that I am beside myself. I just love to stumble upon these little treasures that are not rated as highly as they should be.

Ya'll should know by now that I love a story that takes a stroll. This gem delivers. I also want it to be known that I like a book written in many a perspective. I want to know what's going on with this and that person. I don't want to spend all my time speculating. I get that with this. I am allowed the privilege to see what each person takes away from any given experience.

Also, I'm the first person to admit that I harbor no particular disposition to hopeless romanticism. Meaning don't be writing a book a so chock full of the shivers and the growls that I can't see straight. For reals. Pump the brakes on aaaallll that. I don't mind the romance, what's a book without it? I just don't feel like it should take precident over the importance of the story. Both Pure and Fuse are great with this. Baggott has written a truly complex story complete with muey importante goins ons and has really kept the readers' focus on that. Thank you, Ms Baggott. Thank you.

All in all: Seriously a great second book. Even better than the first. It's long, I ain't gonna lie but this story needs the length. Any shorter and I may have to say that it probably wouldn't be as good. Read this series.

Eagerly awaiting Book 3.
Pure - Julianna Baggott 4 solid stars

Pure started off as really a slow read for me. I found it hard to get into and I felt as if the action was slow coming. I really enjoyed the dystopian take the atomic bomb after effected world though, so I kept reading. Once the story picked up and there was some movement that is when I really got into it. Now, at the end, I can't wait to read Fused. Because ess is going down!

Things that i liked about this read:

While the premise of domes is not original, the whole people being fused to shit is. It's really crazy even. I wouldn't know what to hope for as far as best case scenario with this idea. Seriously. I think I'll go with the doll head rather than being fused with a bunch of people I happened to be standing next to...

The story was not rushed. This is one of those books where if the writer is going to use complex sciency mo jo that stuff has to be backed up and not in some all encompassing quip made by the main characters. No, you, the author, would have to explain how people can be Dusts and still survive. Baggott does that. It is even done a few times which was appreciated. Kudos.

Another story in which the love took a backseat to the storyline. Yes! No insta-love. No love triangles. None of that and that is always appreciated, I don't care who you are. These two love birds didn't even kiss until the last approx. 5 pages. It's always nice to read a book about the importance of whatever and have the autbor keep that whatever the focal point. I hate when I read a book about saving the entire human race and the two MC's get a horrible case of the sassytimes and can't keep their damn relationship out of the freaking picture. But then they somehow by the grace of green M&M's save the world... All while dealing with Melrose Place type of drama. Not only is it unbeleivable it's annoying. So again, Ms. Baggott, kudos.

All in all: a good read. It takes its time in the beginning but stick with it. I wasn't dissapointed.
Reached - Ally Condie Based on rating guidelines that I have made for myself, this book can only receive a maximum of 3.5 stars

The Matched series to me was kind of like choosing Ritz crackers for a snack. It sounded like a good idea until you ate the first one. While it was good in it's crunchy, buttery goodness you've realized that it's not really what you were looking for. That realization affirmed, you could still go for another one. When you reach for the second it rolls out the pack and off the couch, takes a little journey if you will. That was Crossed. It was the same semi-boring goodness of Matched but it took a stroll. Now I don't know how Reached fits into my little Ritz cracker analogy because while it stayed the same it also didn't.

What I liked about the series:

When the book said that Cassia was strong it meant it. She wasn't bad-ass but she was strong. I didn't hate her or Condie for hypocrisy, which is prominent with "strong" heroines in YA.
I liked the culmination of everything as a whole at the end. It was a nice little wrap up.
Everything worked out more or less.
The love was not overdone. It was even understated and still I liked that about this book. People hardly growled, shivered and made selfish decisions in the name of it. Thank you Ally Condie, thank you.
It was well written. It really was. Maybe that is what kept me coming back. I don't know. Maybe I never will. Ha.

What I didn't like about the series:

It was horribly bland for a good long time. While they walked, talked, and grew I can say that I feel like still nothing happened.
The repition of "lessons" was really annoying.
The poetry. Seriously there was enough and then there was over satiation. Really though, c'mon.
Call me simple, but the science-y stuff made my head spin. I kept up enough to grab the jist of everything but dang... kudos on the in-depth research Condie.

Looking at my lists I still can't say that I like liked it even though my pros outweigh my cons. I think that it's because a part of me dreaded coming back to it and I feel that if I have reservations then there is no way that I felt anything more than eh.

All in all: I can't say don't finish the series. It was really okay. It wasn't terrible but it isn't something I'm going to fan-girl over to anyone. Honestly, I'm not pissed that I read it. Ha.

P.S. I did not draw similarities to this series and Saltine crackers because there was just enough to make me want to read it.
Crossed  - Ally Condie a solid 3.5 stars!

Matched was a shaky three and half only because there was something about it...as boring as it truly was there was just something

Crossed though, now this was pretty good. This whole read was like the equivalent of the 3rd chapter and further of Under The Never Sky (Ha!) but at least there was movement. There was little repetition. I admired that. We got to know what was outside of the Providences. And! And, we got to know a little more about Ky and we learned a little more about Cassia. One thing for sure: The girl has a one track freaking mind.

Cassia: The girl proved to be worth her salt in this little adventure. She was strong. She didn't whine. She was cautious and slightly un-trusting which are both good things. I can't say that I was angry with her for making stupid mistakes or for being overly gullible. I can say that towards the end there after she went through Hell and high water to find Ky right between her wondering if she was going to let him go his separate way because he didn't want what she wanted and she felt like she didn't know him very well or some shit whatever right about the time she realized that Indie was in love (or in infatuation) with Xander and she had the nerve to get possessive and all he's mine! that's about the time I got a little damn annoyed. He may be her match but she dumped him for Ky and still has the brass balls to assume that he's going to happily stay on the back burner just in case... The way I read it the kid ain't ugly nor stupid. That whole aspect really ruffles my feathers a bit.

Ky: I don't understand why he just didn't set Cassia down and tell her his whole story? If that is the barrier between them and she did all of that to get to him then she seems to have earned his life story. Maybe it's just me. I dunno.

Anywho. This book was alright. Nothing I would write home about but it was MUCH better than it's predecessor by leaps and bounds. At least SOMETHING HAPPENED!

All in all: I really think these reads could have been condensed down into one 400 page book that maybe could have been really good. Instead of these 250pg books in which goose egg happens in the first and a small jaunt happens in the second...

Again, just my opinion.

On to the third.

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