Shadows (Lux, #0.5)

Shadows (Lux, #0.5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout 5 stars

I know right? I was just whining about the insta-love. I don't know how Armentrout did it but I loved this instance of the just-mix-with-hot-male sauce. Simply adored it.

And now, I'm going to cry in the ugliest, loudest, most disturbing way all the while clutching my Nook to my chest and shaking uncontrollably. The snot kids, the snot. It's everywhere... I am just sooooooooo sad right now. I can't even write this review. Heaven help me.

I did not see that coming. I thought that after the fall with the whole melding of souls thing everything was going to honky dorey and they would find out that she was now part Luxen and they could get married and have babies and, and, and....

The tears are blurring my vision...

I am a complete mess right now.

Damn it.

Damn this book.

Okay so when I first started reading this I thought to myself "Well shit, here we go again" but Shadows was written differently. Dawson and Bethany called their shiz what it was: obsession. In their own minds their feelings for each other took on a "love" air but I'm glad that they didn't actually say the words to each other until months later. Something about that rescued this book for me.

I liked both of the MC's I found their exchanges cute and giggled along with them at the cute parts.

I was also under the impression that this series was about angels and so after my god awful, poke my eyes out with a sharp object, kill me now experience with [b:Halo|7778981|Halo (Halo, #1)|Alexandra Adornetto||10695325] my initial reaction was to ground my heels and fight, fight, fight. Imagine my relief when I was introduced to light creatures called Luxen. *I am trying to redeem angel themed books by trying to put myself out there more. Lol.*

I was very happy.

All in all: Good story.

P.S. I should also say that I am just now starting this series so I had no idea about the ending and was hit with feelings similar to being hit with a Mac truck.