Game (Jasper Dent, #2)

Game  - Barry Lyga 4 stars

I like liked this read for the sheer fact that it creeped my shit out. I was actually afraid in my own home many, many times and since there was no real, magical, all-the-psycho-shiz-got-resolved, kind of ending, I must say that I am still slightly jumpy.

I was not a fan of how repetitious this one was. We all must know by now that Tarra don't care for the "say it agains"...she really does not. Tell me once. ONE TIME. I'm a big girl with my own functional memory and I can remember what I just read a page ago. Damn.

The Players:

Jazz: I think he's zomg! hawt! just for the simple bad boy aspect he brings to the table. Would I have dated him? Hell no. I don't need those kinds of problems. Ain't got time for that. He seemed to want to be the kid that hunted killers and by the end of that first book he was high on the capture of the Impressionist so I thought "Yeah! he's going to be all badass in that next book". I was mistaken. He was so unsure of himself and so unwilling to help the fine folk of NYC that I was really just disappointed in him. I figured he'd of been chomping at the bit to catch himself some killers and maybe make a name for himself as, I don't know, some epic Eliot Ness type of guy. I didn't care for his constant, constant second guessing of his "normal" feelings. Always thinking that he was programmed to act and think like one of us but then again it also seemed real. I've never been brainwashed (I don't think) so maybe that just becomes a part of life after the cult, wondering if your thoughts are your own.

Connie: I hear she's hot and I have sooooooo many black actresses in mind to play her once this gets picked up and turned into a movie (poorly, I'm sure). But I found her to be naive. I think that she kept pretending that everything was fine really rubbed me the wrong way. She was just going to go along with some anonymous psycho and think "nothing will happen to me I'm Connie Hall, safe, black, girlfriend of Billy Dent's only son!" Dumb ass. Needless to say, she made me angry.

Howie: Bless his hemophiliac heart. He's a good friend. He should've did a little more with the Connie sitch though, for real. That dumb ass girl.

All in all: I think it was a good read. I'm glad I read it and I will be reading the next.

P.S. I LOVE NYC and I always thought that I would want to live there. After reading how Billy Dent felt about the sheer numbers of peeps cohabitating on that wee island, I have changed my mind and feel that maybe my boring coastal town may be the place for me. Seriously. ha.

P.S.S. I was able to find out is my predicament was correct.