Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout 4 solid stars

Hmmmm. That freaking ending. Dude.

This book was not what I expected it to be. I also expect that I'm gonna need to spoiler a lot of this, so here goes:

I was annoyed by this installment. Now, I am a big fan of change between a book series but Kitten in this book got. on. my. nerves. #Truth.

I was all on board with her not giving in to the sweet, sweet, spicy hotness that is Daemon Black. I understood that he treated her like garbage and so his sudden interest in her was not going to yield the field of daisies and picnics like he wanted. That was alright. But for her to just blatantly disregard his "ick" feelings about Blake??? Yeah, at first he was epic amounts a little jealous but I mean c'mon! even Dee didn't like him and Dee likes everyone! She was withholding information, lying....It was all just an ugly, ugly light cast upon her and I feel like I hated her in the end. That part just slipped out, ooops.

SHE killed Adam for godsakes! I can't forgive her for that. I just can't. I was all her fault. None of this "he made his own decision" shiz. Her selfishness and, well, shit, misplaced over-confidence ruined Dee's life just as she was getting to be happy. I really wish he didn't die. It would've made the series better. In my mind anyway. I'm just so over mass likeable character genocide. Please. Please. Everyone just stop it. Smh.

Is this going to be one of those books where only Daemon and Katy get happiness and everyone else gets the gawdamned shaft? If so, Jenn, we're going to have some serious words, m'dear.

Also, and I mean damn, why did it take 2 hunny and 10 pages for Katy to finally give in? You know you wanted him! Hell, I wanted him. It was getting to be a bit much reading her body aching for him and her words being all dissy...I mean, unless I look at the timeline. Maybe there wasn't months between...I dunno. But still.

All in all: In light of all that, I still like the story. I love the heated scenes and the thick sexual tension between Daemon and Katy. I do. I truly do, hence the 4 star rating. Just, I didn't LOVE this one as much as the last. I'm a little sad about that and the fact that I don't get my nice clean ending in the next book... It all makes me worried.

Mass Likeable Character Genocide.

That's what scares me. So many authors love that shit.

Like it's cute or something.

It's not.

It just pisses me off.

Stop it.