Resist - Sarah Crossan 5 stars

Sooooo, you know how I'm always going on and on about repetitiveness in books and how some authors rehash the first book(s) waaaayyy too much in the sequel(s)? Yeah, that was soooo not a problem here. I actually had to go back and read a few ending chapters of Breath in order to remember what the balls was going on.

Resist starts the reader exactly where the first book left off. There is no reiteration, no refresher course, no nothing so you had better be coming off Breath when you pick this one up. I appreciated the lack of repetition but I also found myself needing something. I know, I know, authors can never win.

Despite that, I LOVED this read just as a much as I loved Breath. I am a huge fan of things not staying the same in the second book, etc. Different things happen and so the characters have to change and adapt or become better. I feel like all the characters became more.

Quinn and Bea are such strong characters and I absolutely enjoy that. I love the fact that as Pods they have braved the Outlands and strive to make change without ever losing sight of each other. Which brings me to another reason why these books are so good: the love is turned wayy down while the good of the whole is turned way up. It's a nice change. Very reminiscent of [b:Fuse|9752754|Fuse (Pure #2)|Julianna Baggott||14642009].

Alina and Silas are still solid characters. Yeah, Alina is a hard ass but shes consistent and I love consistency.

Ronan. I like the addition of this character. From having very little role in the first book to having his own chapters is a pretty big step.

I'm always happy to come across reads like this and I await the next installment.

All in all: A solid read.

P.S. Am I a bad person for wanting to sex up Maks? The tatts, the muscles, that scar? All together now: "Mmmmm, yummy!" Ha. But seriously. If I got paired with him he would've had to beat me off of him with a stick.