The Lives We Lost - Megan Crewe 2 stars

This was still so sad.

It's just a depressing read and seeing everything through Kaelyn's perspective is nauseating. She's just sooooooooo.... self-centered. It's alll about her and what shes has lost or learned or has to do or feels.

I feel like killing folks to survive an epidemic like this is necessary, call me heartless. But if it's me or them who's going to survive, it'll be me and mine every day of the week and there is no way I would be worrying about the morality of it all later. I get so annoyed when characters go through some hard shit on the road and then they get all "can't we just turn the other cheek" or "not all bad people are bad" type of garbage. Get out of here. You. Were. Going. To. Die. Duh.

Also, that little shit that Leo had to do to survive? Pshaw. Dwelling on it like he killed a bunch of orphans to steal their food and transportation? puh-leese. Weakling. He gets voted off the island.

Justin was the man for the job and I don't care who knows it.

Gav. Well I'm pissed about that one. All day.

All in all: I don't know how I feel about these books. I don't really like them but I don't hate them either. I'm waffling so that means I'll probably read the third one because why the hell not? I'm already in this deep.

P.S. The love triangle.... really? REALLY??? I'm disgusted. Don't. Just don't