Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor 4 stars

Okay. I have said this before., many, many times, I hate repitition. I REALLY hate it.

I think this read could have been shorter if Taylor didn't feel the need to keep rehashing the incident (it's what we'll call it to avoid spoilers). Over and over and over again...and I had to keep reading it even though I already knew what happened. I already knew how everyone feels about the other. I. Already. Knew because I read it 16 times in the last chapter alone.


The story was good! It was really, really good just as [b:Daughter of Smoke & Bone|8490112|Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)|Laini Taylor||13355552] was. Even with it's hiccups as we'll call 'em.

I feel like I really like these books because the Angels stand alone. There is no God or Written or Spoken word that governs these beings and I, being agnostic, appreciate this. It leaves them the wide birth to be corrupt and backstabby and make huge, huge mistakes without there being an uncouth level of hypocritical shiz. It allows the characters to choose whether or not to make the right decision based on what THEY think, not what they are supposed to think. I appreciate it. It adds a little something.

Now this book in general is sad. Much sadder than the first by all means. Small pools of joy are here and even those are shrouded in fear. But I don't mind when the second installment differs greatly in feel from the first, in actuality, I welcome it.

I need to see change. I need to see the dark, ugly side of people and the world in which they function. I need to see it or the story just cannot be real. You know what I mean? If everything for three books is la-di-da with contrived areas of anger/betrayal/tragedy I will throw that book into the deep puddle also known as the ocean and never look back. I live on the coast, so it's completely possible.

All in all: I just enjoy these reads. I really do and I am aptly looking forward to the next one.