The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe 2 stars

Hmmmm, I don't know what I was expecting to read but I do know this was not it, if that makes any sense.

For whatever reason I could not make myself remember that the MC was 16. She was just so...invisible. I would've looked right over her in any room, even if she were the only one standing it it.

Kaelyn. That's her name. I just finished the book and I still had to scrunch my face up in focused determination to remember it. As much as this girl talked about wanting to change who she was, she was hardly successful. She had such low self esteem and such an utter lack of confidence it made this read almost gawd damned boring.

The virus was boring and the whole damn read was just sadness after effing sadness. What's gonna happen next? Crewe gonna kill off Gav? Maybe Tessa? Maybe Leo? Because it sure doesn't read like there's going to be any normal sized amounts of joy happening anytime soon. Seriously. A boyfried does not happiness make. Especially after aaaaalllllll that other shiz happened. Besides, Kaelyn called it like she saw it, I'm sure she'd still be Loner Girl had an epidemic not wiped clean the roster of contenders.

I just don't see a trilogy in this book. A couple more pages and it truly could have stood alone. I'm only a little curious to find out what happens in the next book. If Crewe kills off Gav I'm marking it DNF because that's bullshit.

All in all: I was bored yo. Read at your own caution.

P.S. Kaelyn, whom I assume is half black, was told by a friends' father that, and I quote: "Always sad to see a mainlander snatch up one of ours. Especially a woman as pretty as your mom. You know, even though she's a darkie, I might have chased her if I'd had half a chance." Um. Wow. So are people in Canada usually a bit racist or should I say skin tone aware? Because that line turned me off of wanting to visit Canada anytime soon. Glad I'm not raising my mixed kids there. Damn. Darkie. Really?. Smh. The things people don't say to your face unless they have a virus eating their brains.