Rogue - Gina Damico 5 Reapy Stars!

Oh. My. God.

Bravo! Bravo!

That ending...seriously?Wow.

I freaking LOVED this book! Ahhhhh. I'm fangirling something horrific and I just don't give a damn.

I have always liked the writing style of these books, always. And the humor? insane amounts of funny radiates from these pages. The dialog between the characters is just so well written.

I almost feel unfair giving the first two only 3 stars because when I think about the series as a whole, I have to say I freaking adored it. Even though Lex's attitude was annoying, that was just her character and Damico never wavered in her flaws and bossiness and all around a-holery and I feel like something should be noted about that. Lex Bartleby was a constant and I love constants.

But, I have to remember that each book has to stand on it's own in the ratings department. Though if measured by different standards...I may have to do some revising of my star rating system. Honestly.

Rogue was witty, funny, action-packed and my absolute favorite, non-repitive. The woman has some skills. I may have been apprehensive about the series but lemme tell you I have never been sooooo happy that I saw this through to the end. Never.

All in all: A FANTASTIC read. Read them all, seriously. I'm so giddy right now. Eeeeepp!