Scorch - Gina Damico 4 solid stars

After looking at my review for Croak I have decided this is a whole star better even though while I still liked the writing and descriptions and ALLLLLL of that, Lexi was still a bit of an A-hole. But after some thought I've decided that I can't damn a character for staying constant. Not when I'm so appalled when characters are flimsy.

She wouldn't listen to reason and continued to try and fight, against Mort's advice. Just as she has always done. She is impulsive. Just as she's always been. I don't care for it but it's who she is. A grade-A bossy, douch. God love her.

She kept her hands to herself this time, no bititng of other adolescents, so that was a plus except for the sassytimes with too-hot-to-trot Driggs, which is totally acceptable.

I LOVED Driggs.

I LOVED all the other Juniors too except for Ferbus or fergus...whateves. He was annoying this installment.

All in all: It was a good second.