Fox Forever - Mary E. Pearson 3.5 stars

I have to say that this read, at the end, was pretty good. The middle pieces though were riddled with repitition.

I know you were around for 260 years.
I know you think you love Jenna and you can rememeber all of these poems.
I know that you'll never forget Kara, that there's a bond there that can never be broken.
I know that Raine hides things and protects herself with guarded facial expressions and likes to sit on the roof and let her legs dangle and needs to know the truth and...and...and..


I read the other books!

There are some Goodreaders that wax and wane about this authors writing style and how it resonated within them. Yeah, I don't get that. I really hate repition. Just assume that when writing a sequel or a threequel that your fan base has read ALL previous books and then take that little nugget of hope and plow right into the next installment. Don't use four chapters rehashing the first two's annoying. Stop it.

Honestly though, all that aside, this book had some action it it! I like that Pearson gave some Bots "extras". Hopes and Dreams and such, but that only some Bots had it not all. It gave the story character. Pearson, I think, also spent a substanstial amount of time world and character building so that in itself was well done.

All in All: give it a read. It's a good wrap up to an okay series.