Struck - Jennifer Bosworth I'm still going with my initial analysis: Mia Price, you a bad bitch.

I am relieved to have come across Mia Price. There need to be more Mia Price's in the world of YA. What I liked most about her was that her pessimistic, sarcastic personality was constant through the entire book, she didn't change for the love interest and that was refreshing.

In the face of imminent death (and she basically knew from word "go" she was a goner) she never shrivled into a sobbing wad of typical YA dribble, she took that bull by horns and rocked its damn world! I loved it!

Mia Price is my daughters. Strong. Responsible. Confident. A Fighter. Allow me to say it again: Mia Price is a bad bitch.

I loved that although she took a liking to the hot kid it did not override all rational reasoning. As stated in my update, when she put together that Jeremy was Nightmare Boy she fled. She did not allow his dark hair, troubled blue eyes or even those dead sexy Clark Kent shades send her running back into his arms while ditching all sense of self-peservation. When she decided to trust him she never forgot.

For that, I am proud of you Ms. Bosworth.

The storyline itself was not what I expected. It was really quite interesting. You can definitely color me intrigued.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this read.