the One - Heather Self Now that is a good read!

I really liked this book alot. I did some minor eye rolling but for the most part the protagonist, Evy, was not some weak, annoying girl. She knew her destiny and freaking embraced it and that is what I'm thankful for!

So thank you Ms. Self for writing someone I can be happy reading about. And that cliffhanger...when's the next book release date? Don't leave me hanging.

Evy had the luck of all the hot guys (complete with gorgeous Australian and Irish accents I might add) after her and she got the hot and bothered from them quite a bit (hence the eye rolls) but I also had to take in the rest of her story. She moved around so much she didn't get to have the male attention that most girls got by her age so I understand her reactions.

The mens were hot. No more needs to be said. read the book. :D

All in all: Loved it. I will be awaiting the next installment with bated breath!