Wolf Pact - Melissa  de la Cruz 2.5 stars

Hmmmmm. I can see why this didn't get high marks. To be quite truthful it was so boring for much of the book.

The last 50 pgs were good enough but I was a little irritated with Bliss and Lawson. When I had read the synopsis it said something about these two kids who had both lost someone to The Underworld teaming up. I thought 'Oh good! Then there won't be a love interest situation!' but I was wrong...

Mere days after losing his "mate" our friend Lawson is thinking about his new pal Bliss in a romatic light. What? You just lost someone that you supposedly love and are actively trying to save when a hot little number with crimson hair blows in and now you can't stop thinking about the possibility of making her your mate?!? Well, I guess it's safe to say that the term "mate" is to be used broadly and applied when situations may deem it advantageous.

Why did there have to be a love interest at all? This book was moseying along in it's boring glory without one just fine. And it's not like the addition of the love aspect made the read any better. All it did was make me roll my eyeballs.

I found this read also really repetitve. Give it a read and then tell me you didn't feel a deja vu sensation every third page. I really don't like being fed the same information over and over again. I get it because I'm an adult and as such I have an attention span that last longer than a few paragraphs. Remind me every other chapter what's up in case I stopped reading to do other things but not every few pages. I wonder if teens have shorter attention spans and that's why YA is written like this? Anyone?

All in all: While I do like history lessons in books, I don't like being bored. I need action! And putting the action in the last few pages does not a redemption make. So, while I remember liking the first four Blue Bloods books I was rather dissapointed in this spin-off. I don't know what I was expecting but, I dunno, this just didn't do it for me.

P.S. It's a short read (under 200pgs on Nook) so if you want to give it a go, by all means, it'll only take a day or two, more if you get bored : )