Jekyll (Hyde Book II) - Lauren Stewart Hmmmm. Okay.

Jekyll definitely has "second book syndrome". It was in no way as good as Hyde was for a number of reasons.

For those reasons I feel like I should "spoiler" them, though I'm not sure that I would find these "spoilers" but who knows what everyone else feels. So here goes:

This book is written in the perspective of Eden for a large majority. I've come to realize that I don't care much for the whiney repetitive voice of the female lead. It's always so...weak even for a supposedly strong character such as Eden/Chastity, or whomever she is now.

Her thought process:

1) Don't trust The Clinic or anything they say. (Over and over again.)
2) Get Mitch, he's all thay matters.
3) Save Mitch, he's all that matters.

While this is all fine and dandy these lessons were branded into the readers' mind over and over and over again. It was truly obnoxious. I get it: Mitch is all that matters.

Mitch's thought process:

1) I'm a terrible, no good, person that deserves death.
2) Eden is perfect and deserves a life without me and so I shall find a way to martyr myself for her because she's so perfect.
3) As soon as I take down The Clinic I shall seek death because that's all I'm good for.
4) I can't keep Hyde at bay any longer therefore the only way to make everyone happy is death to me.

Um. Seriously. I get it. I got it 10, 15, 100, 200 pages ago. Can we pump the breaks on the death shit? God. It was ruining the joy I got from reading Mitch's perspective.

I'm sure there were more things that were slapped in my face the entire time I read this installment but it's late and while I can tell myself I'll come back and put those in here I would just be lying.

Oh! yes and the use of italics were immeasurable...I swear every paragraph had five words in italics. I cannot stress words that often. It hurts my brains.

All in all: I was not happy with this one and to tell the truth, I'm not really looking forward to the next one. Such a pity too. There is some of that good 'ol Mitch sarcastic, funny banter that will give you a chuckle here and there but at the end of the day? Boo.