Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi Love. Love. Love.

The ending of this was warm like Shiver and I absolutely LOVE that. Where are all my Stiefvater fans? Yeah, you know what I mean.

I've read a review or two that said that this was like Blood Red Road , while I can see some small similarities I'm not sold on that comparison.

I am sold on the part where there wasn't any of that "just-add-hot-individual" insta-love garbage (anyone who disagrees may I direct you to Halo… You picking up what I'm puttin down?) I adore an author that can make a believable romance spark within 270 pages. I like for my Young Adult romances to take their time. To stroll around being slightly annoying to each other. To stop and smell the violets along the way, if you will. I even like it a little when the two loveies dislike each other in the beginning and then over a course of the journey they decide to take some time and really see the other person and then they want to be all encased in their warm midnight voices and tight embraces because they've gotten to know that person. (I know, alot of italics, bear with me).

I really like it. A lot.

And Rossi has done it. Brava!

This book is well written. The characters, all of them, are likeable.

Friendships forged, bonds developed and pledges made. That right there is my kind of story. Take me on a well planned journey and I may follow you forever.

All in all: A solid read. I, of course, am completely ga-ga for Perry and Aria. I want the brightest for Roar and Liv. and that's the best feeling. Rooting for the characters instead of booing them and wishing horrific, enduring pain on them.

P.S. I'm on a good reads roll here! woot!p