Reached - Ally Condie Based on rating guidelines that I have made for myself, this book can only receive a maximum of 3.5 stars

The Matched series to me was kind of like choosing Ritz crackers for a snack. It sounded like a good idea until you ate the first one. While it was good in it's crunchy, buttery goodness you've realized that it's not really what you were looking for. That realization affirmed, you could still go for another one. When you reach for the second it rolls out the pack and off the couch, takes a little journey if you will. That was Crossed. It was the same semi-boring goodness of Matched but it took a stroll. Now I don't know how Reached fits into my little Ritz cracker analogy because while it stayed the same it also didn't.

What I liked about the series:

When the book said that Cassia was strong it meant it. She wasn't bad-ass but she was strong. I didn't hate her or Condie for hypocrisy, which is prominent with "strong" heroines in YA.
I liked the culmination of everything as a whole at the end. It was a nice little wrap up.
Everything worked out more or less.
The love was not overdone. It was even understated and still I liked that about this book. People hardly growled, shivered and made selfish decisions in the name of it. Thank you Ally Condie, thank you.
It was well written. It really was. Maybe that is what kept me coming back. I don't know. Maybe I never will. Ha.

What I didn't like about the series:

It was horribly bland for a good long time. While they walked, talked, and grew I can say that I feel like still nothing happened.
The repition of "lessons" was really annoying.
The poetry. Seriously there was enough and then there was over satiation. Really though, c'mon.
Call me simple, but the science-y stuff made my head spin. I kept up enough to grab the jist of everything but dang... kudos on the in-depth research Condie.

Looking at my lists I still can't say that I like liked it even though my pros outweigh my cons. I think that it's because a part of me dreaded coming back to it and I feel that if I have reservations then there is no way that I felt anything more than eh.

All in all: I can't say don't finish the series. It was really okay. It wasn't terrible but it isn't something I'm going to fan-girl over to anyone. Honestly, I'm not pissed that I read it. Ha.

P.S. I did not draw similarities to this series and Saltine crackers because there was just enough to make me want to read it.