Pure - Julianna Baggott 4 solid stars

Pure started off as really a slow read for me. I found it hard to get into and I felt as if the action was slow coming. I really enjoyed the dystopian take the atomic bomb after effected world though, so I kept reading. Once the story picked up and there was some movement that is when I really got into it. Now, at the end, I can't wait to read Fused. Because ess is going down!

Things that i liked about this read:

While the premise of domes is not original, the whole people being fused to shit is. It's really crazy even. I wouldn't know what to hope for as far as best case scenario with this idea. Seriously. I think I'll go with the doll head rather than being fused with a bunch of people I happened to be standing next to...

The story was not rushed. This is one of those books where if the writer is going to use complex sciency mo jo that stuff has to be backed up and not in some all encompassing quip made by the main characters. No, you, the author, would have to explain how people can be Dusts and still survive. Baggott does that. It is even done a few times which was appreciated. Kudos.

Another story in which the love took a backseat to the storyline. Yes! No insta-love. No love triangles. None of that and that is always appreciated, I don't care who you are. These two love birds didn't even kiss until the last approx. 5 pages. It's always nice to read a book about the importance of whatever and have the autbor keep that whatever the focal point. I hate when I read a book about saving the entire human race and the two MC's get a horrible case of the sassytimes and can't keep their damn relationship out of the freaking picture. But then they somehow by the grace of green M&M's save the world... All while dealing with Melrose Place type of drama. Not only is it unbeleivable it's annoying. So again, Ms. Baggott, kudos.

All in all: a good read. It takes its time in the beginning but stick with it. I wasn't dissapointed.