Outpost - Ann Aguirre 3.5 stars

I know. It's 1 whole star less than the first book. Heres why:

While I feel that I got that love I was looking for in droves, I felt like this book could've been shorter had there not been so much repition. Ladies and Gents you know how much I hate the same thoughts repeated over and over again...ugh. I get it. And even though it seems to be a contant blip in YA I have decided dock points. It interferes with my reading. I almost feel a deja vú effect and it makes me re-read the paragraph just to make sure I actually turned the page. Ugh. No thanks.

Secondly, I was down with Deuce and her lovey feelings for Fade. That shit just fit. But when she started to get all "Maybe I'm not good enough for either of them" I wanted to donkey punch that Bella Swan in her damn face! There is no "either!" there is ONLY FADE dammit! I HATED that she was making that whole thing into some mental love triangle. The way read it she told Old Boy to step off and he did and she was happy and sparky with her man....and then she was all Luce...and god knows how much I those Beezies.

Also, and I know books can't go around farting glitter, I just dislike when the love interst gets super moody and begs to be let go. I just really hate it. Because then I have to read all about Fickle Over Here's' kind-of-but-not-real devotion to Moody while also sizing up the other guy... and then I have to root for the poor girl to do everything up to and including breaking her neck trying to get him to see her love as enough to heal his soul and some shit. Gtfoh, just be normal. I love normal.

Whateves. Eyerolls were in abundance.

Oooo and I'm sure more than a few of the readers who disliked the first book for it's rapeyness was really upset with the way Deuce handled the whippings huh? How she got all "none of this was your fault," and all "you didn't deserve this no matter what you said or how you said it". But with Tegan and her forced gang rapings she was just like "you should've fought til you died bitch". Ha. Smh. I could just see the unjusticed faces of outragedreaders EVERYWHERE. lol.

All in all: I still like the story. She kind of got a little Katniss-y with the whole obliviousness and that was annoying but I was more than "not mad that I read it", I think.

P.S.: I'm apprehensive about the next installment because you know just as well as I do, the whole squad aint making it back. I feel a J.K. Rowling coming on.