Enclave - Ann Aguirre 4.5 stars, easy

Long Live Deuce

She was pretty bad ass and I likes me a bad ass protagonist.

Deuce: Was strong but compassionate. I didn't find her weak in the beginning though something in my mind wanted to roll it's eyes at her blind following of the rules. If I thought about it though, what else did she have? It was ingrained in her that "the rules are in place for the well being of the enclave" and taking that in consideration I believe that I would've followed them too, had an ENTIRE communities' prosperity depended on it. I liked that she saw in herself the qualities of the "weaker class" but didn't try to hate them out of herself like I may have read in so many other YA books promoting a false bad ass MC. I liked that she saw the qualities and felt like they made her a better person for having them. She was just a really written and well rounded character.

Fade: Man, I love this kid. Couldn't dislike him for any choices he made either. I feel like his background explained a lot of his actions. In his search to find his place among the world he tried his best to know who he was but remain consistent. He was always a compassionate person. He was never hard as stone. He didn't need the love of a good woman to soften him to a non-feral state and I liked that. Because it meant the characters, while they needed each other in the way that survivors need to see other survivors surviving they didn't need each other in the way that if one of the group parted it made or broke anyone else. I guess the short is it wasn't a love so common in other YA: If I don't have you I'll die/ cease to be the individual that was written as strong so many pages previous . Because that's disgusting. Can we all agree? I'm Sure we can. Thank you Ms. Aguirre.

Stalker: It was nice to see this bad guy say "Yup, I can forget the past and start anew" and actually freaking mean it! No Ulterior motives. When he was with them. he was with them and it was freaking refreshing. I liked this character.

I liked all the characters.

But still Enclave is missing that half a star because I didn't LOVE this book. Not how I loved [b:Under the Never Sky|11594257|Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)|Veronica Rossi|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1356591725s/11594257.jpg|15093785] by Veronica Rossi. I Don't know. For there to be so many similarities. I think that for me Deuce had to had pick up what Fade was putting down and give in a little to his love for me to have gotten the warm and fuzzies. Enclave was a rough book. It dressed in leathers or scraps of worn clothing and fought with this frenzied, raw fighting skill with daggers that shone slick with blood. It let the weak die and only the strong survive. There wasn't much room for love and the small spots of happiness, it just was. But I need the small spots of happiness. Of curling against one another somewhere out on the road of knowing that the man that has your back does so because he loves you and I'm not talking like a friend, Son. I NEEDED that!

Maybe the next installment will give me a taste.

Here's hoping!

All in all: A solid read. I'm glad I read it. I definitely liked. liked it.

P.S.: I read why this book got bad reviews... becuase there is rape. Okay, I get it, it's a rough subject to broach BUT, but this author is trying to build a world that has changed. This is HER book and she doesn't have to make a footnote where she explains that rape is bad and it's never anybody's fault that it happened, so on and so forth. Honestly, If she did the exact same people would be screaming that it was too easy! How dare this author introduce rape and then have everything go exactly as it should for the vic. Let's say she grows stronger and exacts her revenge on her assailaint. Then they'd harp about how the book tried too hard to stay feel good and equal and how it wasn't gritty or real enough because we all know, you can't always win. So, I swear, authors never win. Everyone should be a writer and write perfection...