The Fox Inheritance - Mary E. Pearson Hmmm... I'm actually going to go with 2.5 stars.

I foubd this read horribly repetitive. It was Anger. anger. anger. Then guilt. guilt. guilt. More Anger. BETRAYAL! self-pity. self-pity. EMPOWERMENT!

Shit was bananas. And then kinda boring.

What I really did not like was how everyone went around pretending to be the same friends they once were but had ZERO trust for eachother. Why write the book about these stellar friends that hate and blame eachother?

It all wore the nerve ending down to nubbins.

Read at your own risk.

P.S. Crazy chracters with empty eyes truly creep my shit out. Truly.

P.S.S. How am I to prounce Locke? Is is as it looks Lock? or some new fangled way to spell Luke? Any guidance would be accepted!