Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion Holy Hell I loved this book!

From the very first words written I felt in my heart that this was a work or art. Its prose is so well written there was no way I could not love it.

Well done Mr. Marion, well done.

I love stories that have original flair. Maybe that is why I often read books of the same genre even though 80% of them are painful, vexatious, repititious piles of steamy shit; because I'm a dreamer. I want so badly to read that someone had the originality and creativity to do it differently.

This, friends, is different.

Yes, you could take the time to debate the "ickyness" of a zombie love story or you could be a person that more people liked by simply enjoying the read.

Be the person that others want to be around.

Read this book.

Lose yourself in its quirk and humor. Laugh out loud, feel downright sorry for that zombie and cheer on the happy ending.

Be amused, gawddammit!

All in all: I love this book, all day everyday.

P.S.: Let's all pin this "Hope" to our 'Hope Wall': Please don't fuck up this movie I know my fingers are crossed, are yours?