Human.4 - Mike A. Lancaster Wow. This was definitely a strange read.

I found myself so eager at the beginning to just find out what was going on already that I had to keep disallowing myself to flip ahead a few chapters. It was a bit of a slow start. Once the story allowed the reader to understand just what was going on though...well, wow. It's mind blowing really.

The whole concept is so horribly original, I am both a little freaked out and a lot enlightened. Seriously. My mind is still reeling trying to make sense of my own world. What if it's true? All of it? I have felt the things brought up in this book. What if it's all freaking true?

Consider my shit officially creeped the eff out.

You know what? I gotta give this 4 stars (upgraded from 3) because this book will never leave the crevices of my brain. I will always remember.

The characters had good development. There was never a point in the book where I felt someone did something out of character. I felt like they had real reactions to the situations put in front them. Even the most brave had to break into a crying jag and that, my friends, is perfectly okay especially when some weirdness is afoot. I felt there was enough back-story for what was needed. I didn't need extensive stories about each character. That, Little Buddy, is how an awesome story turns into a waste of money. Keep it short and punch it up.

Now the way Lancaster explained the epicness of the story's concept was amazing. I understood it and that, to me, is what matters most. I was a little afraid once the characters started tossing around grandiose, extremely sci-fi assumptions that I wasn't going to "get it". That this awesome idea was going to go arching far, far above my head and that I would have been left far, far behind feeling sad and dumb. Very, very dumb. But, alas, I was not! So, I thank you Mr. Lancaster. Thank you for allowing me to save face and feel included.

All in All: I really like a book that makes me think and this one is as good as gold in that department.

Enjoy fellow naught-point-fours!