Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Amazing I am in complete awe.

I'm still reeling.

When I grow up if, at any point I decide to be a goddamned psycho, I aspire to be Amy Elliott Dunne.


She was insanely, crazily, epically smart, all of those in equal measurements. I mean this freaking story... My god.

I really have to applaud Gillian Flynn and also be a tiny bit afraid of her. She did a phenomenal job writing this little gem. Taking her time. Doling out the story at a pace I could both hate but admire because this kind of story needs to be slowed down and digested. There is no 'balls to the wall' with this one, lest you set yourself up to miss something undeniably genius.

Every time I felt comfortable as if I was finally getting a handle on Amy's psychosis I got a little booster shot that left me wide-eyed and my mouth hanging unattractively open. I mean, vomit in the freezer? This Crazy thought of everything!!! The frozen semen??? Holy shit! Bases covered. I am in complete awe.

Complete. Fucking. Awe.

All in all: A good read. Short by no means, but epic. If you like a little mystery and reading about dysfunction in it's purest form pick this up. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

P.S. Gillian, If I may call you that, Where did you get the ideas for this book? Are you married? Is your husband afraid? 'Cuz I would be. Seriously.