Flawed - Kate Avelynn I am really, really sad right now. As in, unbeliveably so.

This story is very well written. The dysfunctional relationship that built between a brother and a sister after surviving a life of abuse was insane but not only that, I also think that it rings realistic. I am not too sure about that because I have never spoken to anyone that has lived through such an ordeal but something about the material just seems right. Which is sad.

The whole premise and how it all fell together there seemed like it rang a little too real. As in, three people going through something like this may acquire similar feelings and their lives may ultimately evolve into the destruction that followed. And that makes me sad, angry, repulsed and a slew of other emotions all at the same time. Flawed will definitely evoke serious emotions from the reader. It's so dark that sometimes I forgot to breath.

I usually try not to give too much away with my reviews so, honestly, read this at your own risk. Because this isn't some happy, paranormal or dystopian read, I am not going to recommend this to anyone. At least not to anyone that I didn't think could take it.

Ms. Avelynn, A remarkable job was done here. Work well done.

All in all: This is a heavy, heavy read. While I won't be reading this again it will always be rolling around in my brain and will pop up whenever my thoughts go idle, I just know it will.