Monster Hunter Legion (MHI, #4)

Monster Hunter Legion (MHI, #4) - Larry Correia 5 Golden freaking stars

I cannot impress just how much I love these books! My little love affair began with Monster Hunter International and I'm happy to write that it is not over yet! Wooot!

I was sad thinking that this was going to be the last MHI and as I got closer to the end of this read I got excited because there is no way its over.

I just love the writing style. I loved the badassedness of Z and I don't care if he "always wins" that'swhat I love about him. I love his smart ass attitude and how he figures shit out. I love that he makes the tough calls. I love everything about these books.

I also love not losing characters that I care about but still ending the evil scrouge that has made its appearance. With exception of a certain someone that was lost lasr book.

All in all: A solid read even for someone that likes YA paranormal (mostly garbage) books. This is a good series to break up the pissing amd moaning that goes on in those. Seriously. I think every one should give these a read.