Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire 4.5 stars

Well Gawddammit that was a good read!

Don't get confused by the amount of time it took me to finish this book. I was nervous about finishing because a fellow Goodreader told I was going to "hate the bitch" as in straight up loathe and so I couldn't allow my Travis to get hurt and I thought that if I didn't read it then it couldn't was just all bad.

I really did love these two dysfuntional scamps.

There are things that I would do to Travis... just, so many things...

I'm not saying the book didn't have it's moments where I was screaming oh come the fuck ON! , I am by no means saying that but as a whole I'm hard pressed to see why someone wouldn't like it. Well maybe some feminists...and complainers. But it's in not only the synopsis but also the title, you are going to read about some dysfunctional people and their wading through all of their dysfuntion in order to make that shit work.

If you don't want to read about that and/or that kind of read is not your cup o' java then DO NOT READ THIS. See? So simple.

Let me get something straight here I didn't find Travis abusive to Abby mentally or physically. He was jealous, super jealous but he also had his own shit to work out. He had a nasty temper that he didn't take out on Abby, he took it out on his own things, that were his.

The way some people make this book sound it's like he was he beating Abby and then breaking her down verbally. I didn't get that impression.

Whatevs, I'm over it.

It seems that if any character has a personality outside of "sweetness and butterflies" everyone pokes holes in them. But then they also say how unreal "sweetness and butterflies" over there was. Which is it people? Not every character you read about is going to be like a Nora Roberts character, completely on the straight and narrow with all their shit figured out.

I don't know about you but I like it that way. Give me something new to read about.

I am a bit confused though as to why college students were all up in their Kool-Aide like a bunch of high schoolers? Anyone? I know that when I went to college, which wasn't that long ago, I really, really could have cared less about others' relationships. Like, for reals. Small student body or not. No one batted an eye at lovers' quarrals.

All in all: I would have Travis' badass babies...wait. Phrasing. He was hot. Abby was a little annoying but in all honesty she mostly reacted in the way that I expected her to and for that, I'm happy.

P.s. Travis was just as hot as Brad Pitt was in Fight Club for reals...