Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico The story line is great. I enjoyed the plot, where it was going
and how it got there. The pacing was wonderful. Not so fast that I was lost when revelations came about but not so slow that I became a crumpled heap on the floor begging the literary gods for a swift and merciful end.

All the little things were explained and the town and everyone and everything in it was really just super cute.

I even really adored the witty, sarcastic responses the chracters had, it didn't seem forced and made me laugh quite a bit. The back and forth was just.... well, let's just say "Well Done! Ms. Damico, well done!" The teenage antics felt real.

BUT (and this is a real big but):

I found myself so utterly annoyed with Lexington. Her attitude about EVERYTHING was enough to make me want to stop reading (I'm no quitter). I really was hoping that her horrific behavior would not land her the love interest at the book's end, but who was I kidding? this is YA.

I cannot even began to decribe how I feel about people that think because they are having anger issues it's perfectly okay to take them out, physically, on some unsuspecting passerby. It's really not cute. I feel like this book made light of Lex inflicting bodily harm on most of her peers, she should've had her delinquent ass thrown in Juvi not given yet another chance. Listen folks, she bit a classmate. BIT! As in opened her 16 year old mouth and used her 16 year old teeth to tear at the flesh of a fellow 16 year high school...not preschool, where acts like this are commom. Oh, no expulsion? Yeah, you're right. Not nessecary. Completely agree.

And where in god's name was her sense of resposibility? She blamed her loving, devoted parents for sending her away when she frequently relished the idea of punching more people and fondly recounted past punchings. Not an hour after she threw her shoe at the bus driver (a grown woman) for making her share her seat was she 1st) flabbergasted that the woman didn't wave a friendly goodbye but also 2ly) condemning her family for kicking her out, which totally was not the case. Ridiculous.

She then sulked around her "reform camp" punching people, being angry, arrogant, self entitled and a bunch of other adjectives that define straight up asshole. For that, she was rewarded with acceptance... and a boyfriend...WHAT? Who cares if you "can't help it" you want to be treated like an adult?? Then sack up. Take some goddamm responsibility for your actions and a goddamn class in restraint.

The worst part?: There was a small glimmer of change but only within the last 10 pages... I have a really hard time reading characters that remain the same even in the face of life altering opportunity. She had the reasons behind her behavior and instead of internalizing that and coming up with some kind of positive mature epiphany she used it as an excuse to keep on keepin' on and remained the same jerk she'd been for last 225 pages. Amazing.

All in All: I don't know, honestly. The story line makes me want to keep reading but the Protagonist makes me want to punch things. And it really doesn't help that I'm stuck in her egocentric, infuriating brains.

Read at your own risk. Who knows, you may just adore it.