Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson I must say that I just adored this book.

The writing was truly, beautifully amazing. It was happy, it was sad. I LOL'd, I wanted to sob...it was just good. A wonderful take on the Peter Pan story.

The one thing about this book that I had to make my mind bend around was that there wasn't that Disney, whimsical "all is happy" thing going on. This story was dark. These characters were real. They had real thoughts, real feelings and real history. They weren't cartoon chracters throwing around fairy dust and thinking happy thoughts in order to fly around. Stuff happened, sad stuff and there was internal growth and fears to overcome and broken hearts and other deep hurts. I will be thinking about this book probably forever. It's already taken root in my brain.

It was very difficult to allow my brain to imagine Peter Pan, Tink and Tiger Lily as real beings. But once I allowed myself just read the book and not try so hard I was able to completely immerse myself in Neverland.

I knew what to expect at the end because the first few lines told me that this was a story that didn't end as expected but it didn't soften the blow. I despised poor Wendy and for no fault of her own. Ha. My heart is loyal to Tiger Lily. I loved the past that Ms. Anderson wove for her. I loved her connections to the people around her. I liked that they were believeable.

Actually, that the whole book was believable! (I know, I know a faerie narrates the story). Tink was also real. She ate mosquitos and other bugs, she had emmense heart and tenacity. I admired the little creature. I am completely enthralled in Peter, hell I'm pretty sure I'm in love with that brave, confused, eternally young soul.

All in All: This truly is a good read. It takes a different curve on the typical YA road, and for that I applaude, adore and am entirely thankful to Ms. Anderson for her creativity.