Born in Flames - Candace Knoebel Argh! I am so tired of books like this!

I truly do not understand how this is rated so highly. The protagonist was so....weak, like all the time... I don't know what about her gives anyone the impression that she's strong. She's just like all the rest of them.

Reasons I disliked Aurora:

1) She couldn't do a thing on her own. She was given ALL the tools she needed to reach her goal, yet she was never written to go off and be successful on her own. When she lost her first "helper" I thought "Oh good now she has to be self sufficient". I was wrong. She got angry (which she seemed to do quite a bit, but let's not get ahead of ourselves) and she demanded this other dude help her but it was like when a child asks a parent to help her find well placed Easter Eggs. He gave her an obvious hint: It's next to something that's tall and green and while the majority of us would say "It's probably by a tree", she got pissy like he was being a jerk and tried to stomp off and pout somehwere so he said "It's by that tree" and all but pointed to it... she was then supposed to use her brains to find the other missing pieces or some shit but after she went and picked up said Easter egg she went back to dude and was expecting him to point to the next egg.... wth? Go find the shits on your own lazy, stupid girl.

She also had a time limit. She spent one whole day sobbing and jacking off. She only had like 4 or 5 days. Didn't seem like a wise use of time.

2) She got angry alot. I don't understand why writers mistake anger for strength. It is not the same. It also makes me angry when a weak character has a hair trigger temper. Said individual is dependent on others to stand up straight on flat surfaces for tens of pages but when it suits them they can tell off whomever they want, up to and including: love interests, family, friends, that creepy guy following them around. Authors everywhere: that shit is annoying. Don't have your heroine come off as an ass to the people you are making us love. Seriously.

3) She kept doing that kiss a boy then aggressively push him away garbage. Stop it. It's gross.

4) She couldn't make up her damned mind. You have a destiny that you can choose to follow or not, it's simple really. And she kept saying she needed to know more about herself yet every time the moment arose for her to do just that she placed her finger up her arse and bullshitted the entire time. She asked the stupidest questions and was soooooooooo disbelieving.... Yet she would think to herself that everything they said rang true, right after they effing said it! *Eyeroll*

The story itself drug on like you would not believe. For a book that was only 183 pgs it took me entirely too long to read it.

All in all: Did not care for this book at all. It was stupid heroine all over again. Someone give me something good to read! Please!