Predestined  - Abbi Glines 2.5 stars

Okay, Okay. This one was better but only because Pagan wasn't whining about the "hole in her chest".

Don't get me wrong though, there was a permanent scowl on my face the whole time I read this book. The jealousy, Ugh. There was also still a considerable amount of growling thus ruining growling men for me forever. Thank you Abbikins, Thanks a lot...

The Rascillions:

Pagan: Still a super annoying A-hole. I don't understand her complete hatred for Leif. He's still a good guy!! He never once hurt her. He never once even alluded to wanting to hurt her. Shit, the way I read it he was there for her every sad, lonely moment since she was 3 and she still had a nerve to resent him...What? He made sure that she was happy and well taken care of up to the very end while the only fucking thing she could say nonstop was that he was souless. Humph. That was the sweetest, most caring, non-human, souless creature I have ever read. Was I supposed to hate him? Because I'm super not clear on that. He didn't even get all angry and justifiably revengeful for taking care to be there for little brat's whole life just to have Dankmar step in for three whole minutes and steal his thunder. Cuz I hella would have met any aggression on Leif's end with a shrug.

Dankmar: Boy am I glad that we added the 'mar' because now it sounds like a real name...*eyeroll* whatevs. Seriously though, the whole jealousy thing: not attractive. Why does YA seem to think that jealousy is a super ohmygawd hawt trait in a male? A little jealousy? Yes. D-Dawgs epic poportions of jealousy? Hell to the naw. Get outta here with all that. Pagan couldn't have an ex-boyfriend that she remained friends with? Ick. I really got the feeling that we weren't supposed to be head over heels for The Reaps (my cute little nickname for D) this book. Abbikins set the scene for us to love Leif and showcased Dank as some sort of wedding crasher...He "loved" (termed to be used super loosely here, I mean c'mon) Pagan for three days before he saved her from that car accident that completely screwed Leif. That little fact was brought to light many times this book. Why? Also, treating Leif as the black sticky shit at the bottom of the barrel because he didn't have a soul??

Um, Pot meet Kettle.

Are we to believe that Death has a soul? This character that was written as not being able to feel any emotion before Pagan. This character that was also written to bring up many times the fun fact that he didn't have a heart. Yet. Yet, he and Pagan can condemn Leif for the same thing?! Smh.

No sell, Abbikins, no gawddamned sell.

Leif: I love you buddy. I love you. *Tears spring up in my eyes* You were yet again shit on and I don't understand it. Why couldn't you be bad? Just a horrid character that I hated and hated??? Stupid Abbi.

All in All: Boo. The writing is poor, just sooooo poor. It still reads like a 13 yr old's extended dream sequence. Just awful.

P.S. The comment about there being too much teen angst between Stephan and Elena in The Vampire Diaries was a joke, right? You were kidding weren't you Ms. Glines? You had to be because *looks around* I know I just read Existence and I found the teen angst in that installment so overwhelming that I needed the Mental House vacation that Pagan got.