Ceaseless - Abbi Glines 2.75 stars

Okay. This one was good. Way to go Abbikins! As they say: Third time's the charm, right?

The pretense on this one alone was great. Minor whining from Queen Beezy only because she had no idea which way was up. That was my favorite part! Had no freaking idea. Loved it. She did do the bitchy "hold on to dude because it's comfortable thing" and that's always annoying. But at the end, while I still can't get passed the horrible person Pagan is, she truly, truly is, I don't hate her. I just really dislike her. A lot. I dare everyone not to agree. If you do, name me a redeeming quality about her and maybe I'll reconsider.

It doesn't look good.

I do feel as though this one was a bit rushed at the end. There was soooooo much dribble I had to read to get here, to this good place, and then someone hit fast forward. It was like she couldn't wait to end this series.

Really Ms. Glines, the children could've lasted a little longer on Frosted Flakes. Aren't they made with whole grains now? Couple that with the milk and I wanna say They're Grrrreat! but that might be a little cheeky.

All in all: I really liked it. I liked what was happening there in the beginning though if you ask me, which who cares if you aren't, I would have to say that it was written in a way that the reader, me, knew that those other two never stood a freaking chance. We all knew it. I would have liked for there to be a little more suspense but then, well, real effort would've had to have been put forth...sorry, not sorry. Buuuurrrrrn!

P.S. There wasn't enough Leif. Also, I know the red head was Sabine but she was never addressed and also what was the point of Babes?? She just was there and then, yeah, she was in the story...weird.

P.S.S. No more Abbi Glines for this reader. "I did my nickle, I ain't going back!~ John Mulaney