Never Let You Go - Emma Carlson Berne Holy Effing Jesus! That's some creepy shit.

Um, yeah. Wow. I'm super scared right now. And it's midnight so that's awesome.

This book. Hmmmm. What to say. Let's see.

It was well written. There wasn't much to the story so I understand why it couldn't have gone on any longer. The ending read just like ending of any of those crazy-possessive-boyfriend/girlfriend movie. That was great!

What I don't get is how this whole book took place in the course of about a week...Yeah. What? All the MC kept saying was how it felt like they had been there for ages but in reality it had only been like four days. The book set itself up to take place over 10 weeks but in actuality took place in 6 days. That was really weird.

The love interest:
Jordan, sounded pretty cute for Gingery Blonde buuuuttt he says that he was into Psycho McPherson (Anna) for the first week before all the other help got there and then when he met Meg he switched gears. That is all well and good but what is not well nor good is that he loved Meg in 5 days and had the slap in the face to say that Anna had gotten intense in her swooning over the course of a week and a half... Weird. At the rate we're all developing feelings here Anna was in the right to expect him to wife her up after 9 days. That's the way I see it.

The MC/best friend:
Megan. She took crazy in stride and I'm not sure I understand that. Anna was showing signs of instability from word "go". The whole weird thing with that teacher *shudders* and yet she still was accepting of the absolute crazy sparkling in her friends' eyes. Hmmmm. I don't know that Meg would have stayed an outcast her whole life if she tried to distance herself form Anna before high school. I could be wrong though. I guess there are people like this character out there.

The Cray-Cray:
Anna. She was totally, awesomely, gawddamned insane and that my friends was wonderful.

All in all: this was good. A short read that will have your hair standing on ends and will probably give me a nightmare (I'm a lightweight when it comes to scardy shit) but it's worth the read.