Crossed  - Ally Condie a solid 3.5 stars!

Matched was a shaky three and half only because there was something about boring as it truly was there was just something

Crossed though, now this was pretty good. This whole read was like the equivalent of the 3rd chapter and further of Under The Never Sky (Ha!) but at least there was movement. There was little repetition. I admired that. We got to know what was outside of the Providences. And! And, we got to know a little more about Ky and we learned a little more about Cassia. One thing for sure: The girl has a one track freaking mind.

Cassia: The girl proved to be worth her salt in this little adventure. She was strong. She didn't whine. She was cautious and slightly un-trusting which are both good things. I can't say that I was angry with her for making stupid mistakes or for being overly gullible. I can say that towards the end there after she went through Hell and high water to find Ky right between her wondering if she was going to let him go his separate way because he didn't want what she wanted and she felt like she didn't know him very well or some shit whatever right about the time she realized that Indie was in love (or in infatuation) with Xander and she had the nerve to get possessive and all he's mine! that's about the time I got a little damn annoyed. He may be her match but she dumped him for Ky and still has the brass balls to assume that he's going to happily stay on the back burner just in case... The way I read it the kid ain't ugly nor stupid. That whole aspect really ruffles my feathers a bit.

Ky: I don't understand why he just didn't set Cassia down and tell her his whole story? If that is the barrier between them and she did all of that to get to him then she seems to have earned his life story. Maybe it's just me. I dunno.

Anywho. This book was alright. Nothing I would write home about but it was MUCH better than it's predecessor by leaps and bounds. At least SOMETHING HAPPENED!

All in all: I really think these reads could have been condensed down into one 400 page book that maybe could have been really good. Instead of these 250pg books in which goose egg happens in the first and a small jaunt happens in the second...

Again, just my opinion.

On to the third.