Girl Parts - John M. Cusick Girl Parts was strangely cute. I was not expecting that.

It is a very strange read if one took the time to think about exactly what one is reading.

An adolescent boy with a robot companion that aquires human feelings and makes yet another adolescent boy fall for her? Quite strange indeed.

I thought the writing was a little weird. It sounded to me like it was being read in the same voice as the guy that did The Twilight Zone. Ha. Just something about the third-person narrative was different. Not totally bad but I had to stop myself from doing "movie voice" a few times.

The characters were likeable enough. I liked both boys and of course Rose.

I have to say while the ending made me a little sad, I liked it. It was a real, plausible ending to the strangeness of the book.

All in all: A short, light read. I liked this.