Hades - Alexandra Adornetto Anyone observing me as I read this rubbish would have assumed me to be epileptic or otherwise ill with the way my eyes were constantly rolling around while I allowed my head to fall and loll around my neck in pure exasperation. Maybe they would assume I had respiration problems with the way I sighed so heavily my entire body shook and shuddered. Or maybe that I was a straight up lunatic. Hands half curled into claws shaking intently at the empty air in front of me, face frozen in a silent scream, and then my entire body would begin flailing around wildly at the pure absurdity printed on the pages. This book is ridiculous. Absurdly ridiculous.

Bethany , again, how could you, an angel, not know about the demon you were clutching to??? Are you seriously the most idiotic angel out there? Ms. Adornetto, how can you even feel alright about yourself writing that character??? Ugh. I am mystified at how you sleep at night. Completely mystified.

Then as if Heaven itself knew my anguish and took pity in my suffering Chapter 6 came along. Ahhhh Chapter six. Bethany was in Hades and all of the stupid shit I could no longer sit through was gone and the story got good!! Page 76 brought back above's spasms but they were short lived.

I have to say that I enjoyed the rest of the book up until she was rescued (hence the 2 stars, nope took it away. I have to help the rating stay low. I'm not sorry). It's as if close proximity to Xavier makes her brains dumber than a cockeyed squirrel holding a plastic walnut... I don't understand. She was so strong before and then BAM! She wants to reach out to her captor so he could hold her hand as he perished... OMFG. Then she wants to be upset to find out that was his final trick. Just shoot me already. He's a demon Señora Stupid. He lies. *GASP*

To sum up this series thus far: BOO.

I would hand this brain cell serial murderer over to my worst enemy with promises that of they make it through the first hot steaming pile of manure they would be rewarded with a good book series. I would be smiling viciously as they eagerly took the books from my hands all the while knowing the impending pain and suffering they are about to encounter. Take that enemy!!