Halo - Alexandra Adornetto (edited after reading Hades and Heaven: she is not at all a skilled writer, I hate her guts.)

Dear Alexandra Adornetto,

Halo: Really? Really?

Let me start with I like that there is enough description to allow me to picture the place in my mind without a horrible amount of effort. It almost didn't read as if a 16 year old wrote it, save for the complete obsession of your "heroine".

How on earth, how in heaven is a celestial being completely enamored with the face of a human boy after meeting him briefly on a dock and two whole times during a school day??? It wasn't as if she spent the weekend with him getting to know him, not that two full days would have justified toying with the thought of falling from God's grace for him. Ridiculous.

I spent so much time rolling my eyes at the complete disgust I felt when every other sentence was "I just love Xavier. I don't care about the WRATH OF GOD just as long as Xavier will put his arms around me or give that sideways smile" that I was actually afraid my eyeballs would stick haphazardly in that position and I would be forced to spend the rest of my life on Earth running into things as I was now cockeyed as hell. Ridiculous.

Speaking of Xavier Woods, I liked him. Cute, witty, sweet and a gentlemen. Very Zac Efron-y and I love me some Efron. The only thing that helped through the final pages of this book are my warmed cockles as I imagined the Efron playing Xavier. I'm just glad he wasn't abusive (enter an angel catastrophe here starring Nora Grey). I really thought he was written cutely.
There were a few parts were I found him quite stupid but, c'mon, I spent my time stuck in the head of Bethany Church: Idiot Angel extraordinaire. Anything is possible up to and including extreme stupidity from her chivalrous gentlemen caller. No, Xavier you, human, cannot take on Jake Thorn, demon, no matter how many hot ass muscles you have acquired from playing, rugby, water polo and other various high school sports. It don't work like that...ridiculous.

Jake Thorn: Really Bethany? You. Are. An. Angel. And you couldn't pick up that he was a demon? I don't know about you but when someones eyes are green one day and black as pitch the next, my feathers may get a bit ruffled. But, no, you're right. There's nothing wrong with him. Try to see the good in every one. Dumb, dumb, dumb. And freaking ridiculous.

I have to say that I liked Ivy and Gabriel. I actually thought it was cute that the Archangel took to cooking. I liked how you tried to personify the elder angels. I was entertained that far.

The beginning of the book, say about the first 6 chapters were cute. Now chapters 7 - 28 were complete horse pucky. Adornetto, you could have gotten four, maybe five stars had you cut out most of those chapters and cut right to the action. I was not thinking about smashing my Nook in during chapters 29 - 31. It was actually entertaining then. Chapter 32: We are right back where we started...(pinching the bridge if my nose) "Woo-sah". Utterly ridiculous.

I hope, in my earnest, that my human daughters do not take to a boy in the manner of that celestial being. It was just ri-dic-u-lous for the majority of the book. I can't understand how portraying Beth in this love sick manner seemed like a good idea to anyone: your proof readers, your editor, all those dumb people who made this series a hit... I do not get it. I do love paranormal young adult fiction so I'm not harping on the love aspect but instead on the obsession aspect. Her whole being was consumed by this one boy to a point where she forgot all about her angel duties and just wanted him. Would fall straight out the heavens for him. I didn't think angels were so easily led astray. Makes me sad really. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Did this really seem like a good idea?? She even said that she built her whole world around him. Disgraceful.

I. Don't. Get. It.

Nearly Cockeyed in California.

If not for a deal that was made I would have deleted this book without any qualms or loss of sleep. I must now usher forth to Hades. Pray for me.