Drink, Slay, Love - Sarah Beth Durst As per my updates along this vexatious journey, I am not impressed. I read all these reviews from readers that just loathe the Twilight Saga (I guess) writing that Sarah Beth Durst has broken the vampire-YA mold with this literary gold...

Hmmmm. No.

It's a vamp book. Seriously. We can pretend that there are just leaps and bounds made here but there aren't. Ms. Durst has made some cool little differences with the other magic/mythical beings that were cool but the story remains the same. And honestly, this story is not particular to vamp romance it's a third of YA in general:

There's this boy/girl that is just too awesome for words and then there's this unlikely love interest that is too omg hawt for words and at the end these two mis-matched scamps find themselves drawn to eachother...blah.

There are only so many stories to be told. With exception of a few. I don't know maybe I'm getting jaded.

Anywho. In my opinion this book was boring. Yeah some cool shit happened in the last 50 pages but did we really need the first 200 to get there? Simple answer: Nope. I didn't need to read Pearls feelings over and over again. I get it. Shit sucks (pun intended because it was quite the running joke throughout *sad face*).

It wasn't some remarkable change in the run of the mill vamp book and I think that's why I am the most upset. Past reviews led me to believe that this book was freaking epic. It was fresh. It was new...

It was not.

All in All: Not happy. Cool shit after 200 pages but not enough to make me want to read it again. Ya'll can keep it.

Feel free to not take my word for it. The cool stuff may just be enough for you.