Monster Hunter Alpha - Larry Correia While I am just ecstatic to read about Harbinger's story, I really am, I am also a little annoyed that Correia didn't first finish Z's story... I still would have wanted to read about Earl because he is definitely a fascinating character of which I had many, many questions but I really needed to know what was up with the demon chillin' in the tree after book 2.

My review on this book is that I still adore this macho, manly, bit of literature. I love this change from the normal dribble I've been reading. And I don't care what anyone says, I love the total and complete awesomeness encombered by the protagonist. There is nothing, NOTHING more irritating to me than a protagonist that is so lame that I want to slap myself silly for continuing to read on (as previously stated in other reviews: I'm no quitter).

Harbinger is no exception to this awesomeness factor. I really do adore him. Maybe I more than adore him *blushes*. There is something about a badass Southern gentleman. He's intensely brave and respectable. I like that. I like it alot.

All in all: I am truly entertained by MHI, all of it's members. I could stay here awhile.

For reals though Larry, what the balls was up with that demon chillin' in the tree???

Anxiously awaiting book 4.