Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick - Joe Schreiber I must start with I am coming off of a line of truly painful reads; so when I came across this one, well, it was a breath of fresh air.

No fallen angels, no magic, no stupid love triangles, just a crazy night in the best city in the world with two chracters that are truly likeable. No matter how crazy Zusane was, I completely adored her. Perry didn't whine, he objected, but he didn't whine and for that I thank you Joe. Serioulsy. I finally get to read about a male that didn't spend so much time whining like a girl...

I found myself really, really enjoying this book from page one. It's funny, action packed, incredibly cute and a really quick read (BONUS!) Which translates to: the story doesn't freaking drag on. The point is made and for that I am grateful.

I loved the college essay question prompts that began each chapter. I cringed at a few of them hoping they weren't real because they are utterly ridiculous. How is someone supposed to hand in pg 216 of a 300 page autobiography???? I'm positive that those colleges are not for me. Ha. But seriously, nuh-uh.

I was actually sad that it was over so soon but I am truly ecstatic that there will be more of Perry Stormaire!

I am happy to admit that I never rolled my eyes at the plot or the characters, not once, and believe me, thats saying something.

KUDOS, Mr. Schreiber!