Monster Hunter International - Larry Correia Wow. I have to admit that I did not have high hopes for this book, I mean really? look at the cover (I likes me a pretty cover), but I have to say that I was delighted to have been proven wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is breath of fresh air for paranormal reads. Monsters that do not mess around when it comes to the business of killing. Hunters that don't pull any stops on making monsters die.

Because my husband read these and loved them I automatically assumed I was going to be reading some kind of super-boyish novel filled with boring gun stuff that I didn't understand. While there was a fair amount of in-depth gun description it wasn't bad and probably made gun nuts like my hubbs drool uncontrollably. Ha.

I was just really amused by the humor that was written, which I could tell was definitely from the perspective of a male writer. There are just some things that when you read it you say to yourself "A dude definitely wrote this!" It was super funny in a way that most women writers don't ever ascend to or can't, either way, color me impressed.

I liked being in a real guys' head. He wasn't emo pretty. He was a big, oafish dude that described himself as straight up ugly. Thank you Mr. Correia. I don't believe that I would've made it through one more book where the dudes hair "hung auburn and wild like wind off the back of a humpback whale" or some shit like that. Truth. Z thought about guy stuff. Punching stuff. Shooting stuff. Killing stuff. Hells yeah. He liked himself some Julie but that was cute and I mean c'mon he is human afterall.

All in All: It was seriously a great read and I am looking forward to the next installment. Bravo Mr. Correia!