Forever - Maggie Stiefvater So it's over. Just like that. I'm lost for words.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls series was amazing. I loved who I was supposed to love and I despised who I was supposed to despise and that makes me feel good. I do not like mixed messages and I do not like when I have to learn to love a character because of some semi epic personality change that leaves the character semi shitty but semi redeemed.

I felt the friendships, I felt the losses, the fear, the drama, the injustices and the love, my god did I feel all that love. I felt those emotions so clearly that I am still reeling from it. That is why I am sad to see the end. There is so much more story to tell or I just don't want to let go.

Sam Roth. I adored him and his yellow eyes. Yes, I was a little annoyed about the all consuming love that made him forget about the rest of the pack and think only of Grace. That was annoying. He was supposed to step forward into pack leader of the humans but he failed. In every sense of the word. He was not a pillar and I was angry about that bit not enough to hate him or even dislike him. For whatever reason it worked.

Grace Bisbane- I adored her. There want anything about her that I disliked at any point in the book. Honestly she was true to herself and never wavered or did anything to make me think "Hmmm that seemed forced"

Isabel Culpeper - Okay, while I liked her character I was so over the bitch. I loved seeing the parts where she was real.

Cole St. Claire- what's not to love? While he wallowed in his self pity it was short lived and he turned out to be quite the hero.

All in all: BRAVA Ms. Steifvater! I have taken a residence in Mercy Falls. You have found yourself another follower of your work. Thank You.