The Reapers Are the Angels (Reapers #1) - Alden Bell Wow, just wow. I didn't see that ending coming....

Alden Bell, first and foremost, thank you for zombie-YA-Fiction with a smart, theoretically deep, bad ass heroine on a mission with played down romance.

Temple had guts, man. Crazy guts. She was a good person whether or not she thought she was. She cared and she took the little bits of happiness for all they were worth. She never tried to sabotage a good thing and I really liked that about her. She wanted to make good choices. Sure, she had internal strife but it wasn't all she thought about.

I loved listening in on her thoughts. She was illiterate, she couldn't read, but at fifteen, she was far from stupid. It's like how the people of yester-year spoke with such large words but were still considered stupid by today's standard. I found myself looking up some words because I didn't know what they meant.

The perspective of the book is truly written observantly (I can't think of the proper term) which was dufferent. But made for an easy transistion when it was needed.

All in all: A truly wonderful read. Kudos to Mr. Bell.