Beautiful Darkness - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl I still don't know how I feel about this series. I like them well enough but I find it easy to put down, and say, catch up on everything sitting on my DVR.

I have found that as much as I like the male perspective, it's eerily similar to the chick perspective in this one. Beautiful Darkness is to Ethan Wate what Eclipse was to Bella Swan, far too damn self pitying. I don't know about you but I know a lot of men, as well as this female right here, that would have told Lena to kick rocks the minute she started acting like an asshole and running off with someone else. Consider her "gave up on". I guess my story would've have lasted four books. Ha.

I don't like that Lena runs hot and cold so quickly, almost as if she's bi-polar or something. It's annoying. You are not allowed to do something for someone, when they didn't ask for it and couldn't stop you from doing it, then treat them like they're the asshole...I think I would've shot myself had this book been her perspective.

All in all: it's not a horrible read like some reveiws make it out to be even though I'd prefer to be sucked into a story whole heartedly. This one doesn't do it for me but it's not crap.