Fallen (Fallen, #1)

Fallen (Fallen, #1) - Lauren Kate Where. Do. I. Begin?

Holy Jeezus Christmas Mother of Mary Shit Balls!!! (My apologies, that was evah so unlady-like).

While reading this autrocity the one constant thought set to infinite repeat was: FML.

Is there a star for "despised the shit out of this book"? Maybe a halfsy? Or a quarter of a star? Can I not rate it and everyone would understand what I'm trying to say? No? Okay fine, 1 star. But I'm not happy about it.

I hated most everything about the main character. Scratch that, since there really is no reason to be nice and Ms. Kate most definitely held back on her kindness when she released this painful piece of street rubbish, I hated everything about Lucinda Price. Everything. "Prices never crash!" but Kate sure know how to do a number the written word...

In what world is it okay to be a crazily obsessed stalker and still get the object of desire at the end? What is this teaching our daughters? No, Kate it wasn't cute that because of their past lives together she was presently, disturbingly, attracted to him. No, it wasn't cute at all.

I want to despise the name Daniel because I had to read it on every. single. page. Gah! I rolled my eyes so much I was terrified that they were going to lodge themselves in a manner completely unbecoming of my natural good looks. Someone definitely would have gotten their pretty-little-book-cover-choosing ass sued. We don't take kindly to beautifully disguised YA dribble in my 'hood.

The only parts that I actually liked were the very beginning and the part where D told her about her past lives. I really believe that the last 20 pages were horribly unnecessary and made for a drawn out ending to a book that was already about 265 pages too long (from a version that was 271 pgs).

This, and a book that shall not be named, have ruined me on Fallen Angel YA for a good long while. I am going to go read about some gruesome murder mystery's to cleanse my palate.