Breathe (Breathe #1) - Sarah Crossan 4 Solid Stars

I liked Breath from the jump. There was something about this one that caught my attention right away. I almost feel like it didn't waste any time trying too hard to be more than what it was. The trees are gone and people have to live in The Dome and pay for artificial air. Boom. That's the story. It didn't get techno, science-y or some shit. It was simple. It was shorter than some similar material and there was a few laugh out loud moments. Which I adored. And laughed out loud.

The Cast and Crew
Bea~ Now for some reason I thought that I wouldn't like this little philly. I think it was the whole being in love with her best friend and secretly despising Alina because he liked this girl but not her. But it actually worked out quite well. She went along to help her and she didn't hate Alina as much as she was jealous of her. She put on her big girl panties and was actually a character that I ended up really liking.

Quinn~ Love this naive kid. Or should I say oblivious? Whatever it was he was really cute. He remembered what mattered when it mattered.

Alina~ Another one that I thought would get on my nerves but miraculously was someone that I liked in the end. She was just tough enough. Not too tough. Not pretend tough and was really a weepy baby. But tough enough.

Silas~ I can say this for sure. I didn't see that coming. If you kno what I mean. I guess it sets him apart from most YA MC's I've read for sure. He seems decent and solid.

All in all: A good read. I would have loved to have read this in one sitting but responsibilty calls and thus no dice. I adored the characters. I'm glad my dystopian dome kick has lead me here.