Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout

4.5 stars


Ho-ly SHIT!!!


Redemption is in that ending, I'll tell you what.


Now, I can't say whether Opal was better or worse than the last few books, I honestly can't.


I think I read a review somewhere that likened these books to rocks of crack. I have to agree. Normally I would be put off with the amount of repetition and the "bad-ass" heroine affliction that just tears through these books in grievously, shameless amounts BUT I can't stop reading them. I just can't. I think I have a problem.


For those that adore this series, I must say that it is NOT a bad series. The writing is good. It has typical YA problems, though. It definitely ain't perfect by any means. Like previously stated, some things don't need to keep being said, I know the truly hot kid has luminous green eyes, a sweet side, makes her toes curl and smells like a man: all pine and outdoorsy. Bitch, I know but it's not like I find myself dragging my own ass to get through these. I'm not. I enjoy the road traveled.


There is still something that bothers me though and I can't quite put my finger on it. Smh. I sound like a crazy person.


But seriously, all jokes and quips aside, how many of you were happy that

Daemon and Kitten finally got their brown chicken, brown cow on? Like, what? Hells yeah. but I felt hella robbed. Like Twilight robbed. I know Armentrout wrote a Lux novel that flirts erotica and you know imma read that but the allusion of oral sex was may more pulse quickening than the damn sex, sex!



Okay, FINE!


know it's YA and all that sex shiz has to be tame...BUT damn she made us wait THREE~3~III~ 1+2= 3 installments for it!! 3!!!


It felt like when you buy all those crappy, cheap fireworks and that one, big expensive firework for your "At home extravaganza!" thinking you're just gonna let off the dumb ones and seal the ooohs and ahhhs with the firework called "The Dragonspawn from Hades" only to find out the cheap ones were the bomb.com and the rat bastard Dragonspawn fizzled out about three seconds after the wick burned down into the explosives. Stupid Dragonspawn. I hate you.


Stupid, tame, Armentrout.


I hate you.




I guess that whole smexy scene was meant to be a training moment for the ol' imagination.


Well played, Armentrout, well played.

(show spoiler)


The only thing left to say is: Onward to the next installment!


And shit better get right. Or else.


All in all: a good read, I think. Take your own damn chances. You can't keep living through me.