Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

5 amazeballs stars!!!

Holy effing shit balls!!! Man, Armentrout can write a frigging cliffhanger!

Okay folks this book was good! Like the first one, good.

There's something about having Daemons POV it was a reprieve that I didn't know I needed. Being in Katy's head isn't all bad. At least you get to understand why she did the things she did but it also wore a nerve because she would constantly contradict herself and do annoying things even after she thought really hard about them... I also had a hard time finding her strong but if I think about it I guess she wasn't weak just stubborn.

In this installment though, she gets all the cookies. Kitten was pretty badass. She held her own and for that I am so freaking proud to call her my friend. My book friend. Don't judge.

While I am happy that Daemon and Katy found time for the sassytimes I was getting a little annoyed that every moment looked like it could turn into one. Someone dies? The sassytimes will clear that up. Scared out of your mind? Sassytimes it is! Just took an ass whoopin so large it could define your entire existence? Lemme introduce you the sassytimes. I mean, yeah, I was down to do Daemon whenever he wanted but damn!

Dawson and Beth: Eeeeeeeepppppp! That is all. Also, I am so smarter than the average bear man. I saw that coming.

That ending still has me reeling. I am just so happy with everything this book gave us. So much information. So much new shit to digest. I am so looking forward to the next book!!

All in all: freaking solid man.

P.S. I am still quite sad about who was lost this book. Quite sad.